Frequently Asked Questions

Are there preservatives in dancingecko mojito mix?

Our mojito mix is free of preservatives like sodium benzoate. However, please note that our mojito mix contains citric acid, which is used for flavor but also acts as a preservative.

What types of sugar does dancingecko mojito mix contain?

We use organic cane sugar.

Does dancingecko mojito mix contain any artificial flavors?

No, we do not use any artificial flavors. Our list of ingredients includes filtered water, organic sugar, organic spearmint extract with other natural flavors, and citric acid.

Why is there a ring/sediment on the inside of the dancingecko mojito mix bottle?

This may be due to ingredients like natural extracts in the mix and shouldn't be a cause of concern. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use and you should be good to go!

Where can I buy dancingecko mojito mix in bulk or wholesale?

If you're interested in buying bulk or wholesale quantities, please contact us at sales@dancingecko.com.

Does dancingecko mojito mix contain alcohol?

No, it doesn't. You'll need to add rum to the mojito mix to make it alcoholic, per the instructions on the bottle or the recipes on this website. Be experimental and try both silver and aged rum!

Apart from dancingecko mojito mix, what other ingredients will I need to make a delicious mojito?

You'll just need a glass of ice, 1 part rum, and 1 part soda water. And, a sprig of spearmint leaves for garnish.

If you think your mojito looks pretty without the spearmint leaves, then you're good to go without it! Please refer to the instructions on the bottle or the recipes on this website for portion sizes.

What's the best way to measure portion sizes?

We highly recommend that you use a jigger. It'll come handy for other cocktails too, so if you don't have one already, it's a great investment for your home bar. If you want to make your mojito (now) and don't have a jigger anywhere in plain sight, other kitchen measurement tools such as measuring spoons or a measuring cup will work too.

What's your contact information?

Our contact information is as follows:

What other tasty products are coming up next?

We have a couple in mind for our next development cycle. But, more than anything, we'd like to stay true to the tastes and preferences of our customer base. Do you have an idea for a cocktail mix? Send us a note at ideas@dancingecko.com to let us know!